The Make-Believe Years

Ages 3-6 years

Grandfather Theorist (child development) Jean Piaget’s research shows that with the preschool years comes the ability of symbolic thought.   Let the make-believe play commence! Through purposeful play, children begin to train their brain for higher cognitive functions such as conflict resolution, logical thought, and abstract thinking. During this magical time of development it is the teacher’s place to guide, inspire, and provoke discovery.

The curriculum at All Around Child is based upon the “Project Approach.”  We believe that through project based learning, your child will build a working relationship with different people, places, and materials and thus develop the skills needed to be successful not only in the present, but also in future life endeavors. We explore every domain of development with the intent of providing a “world-wise” experience for each and every student to grow from the inside and out. Every child has the right to a quality education…and that story starts here.

In the beginning, there must be a solid foundation. Just as when building a structure on the ground, we must first examine the soil. We need to learn as much as we can about each and every child so that we can build a solid foundation. Then comes the question of what kind of structure do we want to place on top of our foundation? What qualities do we want the children to have? How can we encourage them to seek important knowledge? How can we create a love of learning? What is the impact of outside forces or influences on the structure of our children? Is the formation of their “structure” being affected by things such as technology or television? These are all very important questions to consider when building a foundation for our children’s educational futures.

“In the end, if we do not build the foundation properly, it can be very dangerous and extremely expensive to repair. Therefore, we must make sure that the early years are really good years. And within those years, we must resist temptation to start children on the 3rd floor. Teaching should be developmentally appropriate for the age and the experience that comes with age.” (Dr. Lillian Katz 2012 Wonderplay Early Childhood Education Conference).




Resource:  Lisa Murphy

Our goal at All Around Child is to provide a solid educational foundation for our students. This foundation is not just made up of science, math, literacy, and the arts; but is also largely based upon the development of strong social skills and the ability to form meaningful relationships with others. By engaging in meaningful play-based experiences, our children are learning how to ask questions, make observations, create plans, develop hypotheses, and in the end discuss the results with their peers. Our teachers are provoking knowledge in every part of the child’s day. Just take a look around the classrooms at the work that has and is being done. There is documentation everywhere to serve as a reflection of the learning taking place on a daily basis, and the children are loving it.