The Benefits of Mixed Age Groups

At All Around Child we believe that as children develop, they benefit from mixed age groups.

Shocking fact: Children are more likely to be suspended from preschool for aggressive behaviors than high school students. Research shows that an aggressive act occurs at least once every 60 seconds in the average three year old classroom. When the children are working through these behaviors at the same time, this can be a stressful environment both for children and teachers .

All Around Child practices a mixed age approach during the preschool years. Not only does this practice promote a more peaceful classroom environment, but it also allows for more one on one opportunities between the teacher and each child. It’s like a family with siblings of multiple ages, everyone gets what they need when they need it; younger children are motivated by their older peers and vice versa. Rather than a one size fits all approach to education, our teachers plan experiences to inspire the individual child .

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