Conscious Discipline

. “Friends are like a fragile egg.   It’s important to love and protect each other so we don’t become “broken”.”
–The City Friends Preschool Classroom

The Conscious Discipline Program builds character through seizing moments of conflict as opportunities to teach and learn. It does not rely on compliance with rules and regulations but rather it is based on building relationships and, in turn, community. The school family is at the core of Conscious Discipline.

At All Around Child, children and teachers are empowered to develop character, resolve conflict and exercise self-control through Conscious Discipline. Love expressed through safety, cooperation and respect (rather than fear) motivates us to build our school family. The Seven Powers for Self Control allow us to empathize with others, accept and celebrate difference, communicate feelings directly and resolve conflict in constructive ways. The Seven Basic Skills of Discipline allow us to constructively respond to any conflict in the classroom.

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